BETATAN – 100g streak free bath soak


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Soak Up Your Perfect Tan!
Run yourself a bath, add your Tan Tub and then soak for 30 minutes… Emerge with a gorgeous, streak free tan. Go on… You deserve it!

Keen to get the perfect tan without exposing your precious skin to harmful UVs, looking for a natural tanning solution which you can schedule in with some relaxation? Look no further! Tan Tub is the most convenient, effective self-tan on the market! Enjoy an effortless, streak-free glow with this organic, biodegradable, no-toxic, vegan plant-based ‘fake tan’.

The Benefits:
– Organic
– Streak-free
– Effortless
– Non-toxic


– How does Tan Tub work?
Tan Tub consists of a bio-degradable, non-toxic, vegan, organic, plant-based pigment which temporarily darkens the skin to simulate a tan. You decant the Tan Tub granules into the bath and the treatment allows you to relax and emerge from the water streak-free with a perfect tan.

– How long does a Tan Tub tan last?
Tan Tub lasts 3-4 days. But should the skin be properly prepared by using a loofah and body butter or Longevity applied, your golden tan could last you up to 7 days.

– How can I adjust the concentration of the colour and shade to suit my skin?
You are able to adjust the intensity of your tan by either increasing or decreasing the water or the amount of Tan Tub you use, depending on your requirements. If you wanted a lighter shade, you would use only half of the sachet of Tan Tub in a half a bath of water. If you prefer a darker shade you would make the treatment more concentrated by adding less water to the bath initially, as long as you are still able to submerge your body fully.

– Will I go orange?
It is highly unlikely that Tan Tub will turn you an orange hue as the undertone on Tan Tub is purple.

– Will I get a UTI?
This product has a carefully balanced PH level and should not cause any UTI’s, but consult your gynaecologist if you are unsure.

– Will it change the colour of my pubic hair?
Should you have a lighter shade of hair such as blonde or grey, then YES, you can expect a change in colour.

– Will it affect the colour of my hands and feet or nails?
Yes, it can affect the colour of your fingers and toes, nails and toenails that is why we highly recommend that you use Tan Tub Barrier or alternatively leave your toes and fingertips outside the water.

– Will it stain my bath?
If your bath is ceramic it should not stain, but it may leave stains if it is an older model bath or made with another material. Please ensure that you wash and scrub your bathtub with your usual detergent and a sponge immediately after your Tan Tub treatment to remove the residue. Most baths today can handle dyes such as hair dye and Tan Tub

– Can pregnant women use Tan Tub?
Please consult your gynecologist before using Tan Tub if you are pregnant.

– Are there any harmful ingredients or parabens in Tan Tub?
Tan Tub is a non-toxic tanning solution that is free from parabens, perfumes, alcohol and chemicals of concern, however, a person may have an allergy to this particular pigment so if you do feel any kind of tingling or your skins seems to be having a reaction to the dye, rather wash off with warm soapy water and discontinue use.


Step 1: Ensure the bath is half full with water and at a temperature of about 2 degrees higher than your body temperature.

Step 2: Empty contents of the Tan Tub packet into the water and stir thoroughly (Do not use your hand until the Barrier has been applied).

Step 3: Apply the Barrier (Included) to both hands and feet.

Step 4: Submerge your upper body for 15 minutes, followed by your lower body for the remainder of the duration. Bath in the contents for 30 minutes to achieve the best results.

*Avoid contact with cuticles on both hand and feet.
*Avoid contact with head hair and tie up any long pieces.
*Do not mix with any other substances i.e. soap or shampoo.
*Avoid contact with white clothing and toweling.
*Contents may cause bath stain.
*Use Tan Tub loofah.
*To preserve tan use Tan Tub Longevity.


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