Boto-Kidz Collagen Treatment for Children 250ml


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Le Grand is launching Boto-Kidz Collagen Treatment for Children

Available to Retail as a Home Care Solution

Boto-Kidz is an Organic Botox Treatment especially formulated for children’s tender hair to assist in the maintaining the hair’s alignment, healthy structure, smoothing of a tight coil and unruly nested strands.
Eliminates tangles and knots while nourishing the hair with Collagen and feeling the cuticles with Proteins, this strengthening the cortex and adds extra elasticity to the hair texture. Promotes healthy Hair growth and keeps the hair free from Frizz
It reduces Volume temporarily and keeps airy hair under control for 2 months if hair is washed once or twice per week.

Contains No Chemicals
Contains No Formaldehyde
Contains No Parabens

How to Use:

Wash hair with Pre- Treatment Shampoo. Rinse and dry the hair 80% – 100%
Wear Gloves.
Apply about 30 – 50ml (Medium hair length /volume) of Boto – Kidz Treatment evenly throughout the hair from roots to the ends.
Avoid applying the treatment directly onto the scalp.
Massage hair with fingertips and comb through.
Leave it on for 15 – 20 minutes.
Blow-Dry the Treatment into the hair cuticles or flat iron if a sleeker, smoother effect is desired.
Rinse off 50% of the Boto- Kidz Treatment.
Towel Dry.
Blow-dry and /or Flat iron and style as desired. Finish off by applying a drop of Boto-Kidz Serum to the hair for extra sealing, shine and hydration


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