Cashmere Hydra burst Hair Treatment Mask (Home care)





This Cashmere Hydra- Burst Formula is nutritive, revitalizing and moisturising and gives instant results. The Mask can be used as a day mask or as an intensive overnight Treatment for damage repair and anti-frizz results.
The Home care Cashmere Treatment was developed especially for chemically treated hair and acts on the porosity and fiber fragility points. Made with Cereal butter, Macadamia, Jojoba, Vitamin E, D-
Pantenol, Collagen Protein, Creatine and Caviar Extract which aid in strengthening the hair and restoring the luster, making them more flexible and luminous. Contains Black Nano Beads with a luxury Caviar Extract.
* This creamy indulgence is also called an Elixir often known as a magical potion or a medicinal solution restoring broken hair which has lost it’s life
* With it’s rare extracts and oils, it silkifies hard, color damaged hair instantly.
* The Hydration pearls works it’s magic when massaging the Treatment into the hair strands and deposits oils onto dry scalp and bursts hydration and moisture into the hair shaft.
* The Cashmere Home care Treatment helps the hair to regain it’s full potential in health and restoring the correct level of strength and moisture to the strands.
* The Cashmere Hydra-burst Treatment is essential for flaky scalp
* De-frizzing action without the use of any chemicals and can be used on children and pregnant females and those who are breastfeeding
* Recommended for all hair types.
* Give yourself and extended reconstructive indulgence by using it as an overnight Treatment from time to time.
CAVIAR LUXURY EXTRACT – Provides great anti – aging benefits to hair and has UV Protective and moisturising properties to help improve the texture and quality of the strands. Products containing Caviar Extract are high in quality and will deliver hydration and increase the shine of the hair.
MACADAMIA OIL- Prevents Hair Breakage by penetrating by penetrating the scalp and hair follicles to improve strength and elasticity. Fights frizz and contains anti-aging properties. Contains antioxidants like Vitamin E and squalene which protect the hair from damage.
JOJOBA – Promotes Hair Growth and acts as a treatment for hair loss and hair thinning. It helps hair cells to reproduce themselves at a rapid pace.
COLLAGEN PROTEIN – Deposits strength and elasticity into the hair while renewing dead cells. D-PANTENOL – Improves damaged Hair and adds flexibility and hydration.
1) Wash hair with a normal sulphate free shampoo.
2) Towel dry hair to remove excess water.
3) Dry the hair with a hair dryer to approximately 60- 70% dry.
4) Apply the Cashmere Home Care Treatment, starting at the tips and then gently massaging the hair until reaching the roots.
5) Let it saturate for 10 – 20 minutes, with or without heat source. and rinse thoroughly.
6) Rinse gently with warm cool water and style hair as desired.
1) Apply a generous amount of Cashmere Hydra-burst Treatment onto hair and massage.
2) Cover hair with a towelling Treatment cap and sleep.
3) (Next morning) Wash hair with Le Grand Anti-frizz shampoo, rinse and condition with Le Grand Anti-frizz conditioner
4) Rinse gently with cool water.
5) Towel dry and style hair as desired


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