Le Grand Cahsmere Hydra Burst Treatment Mask 500ml



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The Le Grand Cashmere Hydra-burst Ultra Moisturizing Treatment features instant, Anti-frizz, super effective action that acts to soften the threads, leaving hair super silky, soft and shiny. It has a concentrated formula with Keratin, D-panthenol, Nano Beads of Caviar with Caviar extract, Collagen and Amino Acid Synergy. It recovers the strands damaged by the chemicals, performing a deep hydration in the hair, thus guaranteeing the volume reduction and capillary alignment. Indicated for all types of hair.
* This luxurious hair treat de-frizzes the hair without the use of any chemicals
* The thick, cream-based formula softens the skin of the scalp and hair pores for a healthier and balanced hair cycle.
* Recommended for all hair types and can be used on children, pregnant females and those breastfeeding.
* The special Therapy contains dissolvable black pearls which carries concentrated hydration oils and intense minerals which de-frizzes hair in a natural way
* While massaging the treatment into the hair, the hydration pearls bursts moisture into the thirsty hair cuticles where it is absorbed to feed and cure injured hair strands.
* This creamy, silky indulgence provides immediate and intense rejuvenation and regeneration of the hair especially if hair has lost its natural movement.
* It is enriched by 6 very special medicinal ingredients and extracts :
MINERAL OILS – Maintains moisture in the hair
KERATIN – Prevents frizz, adds natural shine and movement.
HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN – Adds protein to hair. Improves blood circulation, strengthens hair and renews cells within the dermal Papilla bulb and maintains elasticity for bounce.
HYDROLYZED WHEY PROTEIN – Corrects hair thinning and promotes healthy and rapid hair growth.
EUCHEUMA SPINOSUM EXTRACT – Adds instant strength to dull and damaged, limp and lifeless hair.
LAMINARIA SACCHARINA EXTRACT – Adds a natural glow in the hair due to its anti-aging properties. Fights off free radicals .
1) Wash hair with a normal sulphate free shampoo
2) Towel- dry hair to remove excess water
3) Apply Cashmere Hydra-Burst Treatment generously to the Hair.
4) Massage gently into the scalp, applying a little pressure with your fingertips to activate blood circulation and kneading the treatment into the hair strands.
5) Comb through
6) Let it saturate for 10 – 15 minutes, with or without heat source. and rinse thoroughly.
7) Rinse hair gently with cool water 8) Towel dry and style as desired .


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