Le Grand hair growth scalp rub 200ml


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Le Grand’s New Scalp Rub

Hair Thickening Scalp Rub

Òleo de Coco Orgànico
Organic Coconut Oil

🌱Le Grand coconut oil is the ultimate Hair and Scalp Snack to feed, nourish and protect. It Repairs damaged hair caused by malnutrition, excess heat exposure, aggressive pulling or brushing and overusing hot tools. Elimates brittleness and dryness and prevents split ends from splitting any further.
🌱Le Grand Coconut oil contains Basil and Rosemary extract to ensure a full head of thick, healthy hair.
🌱Basil improves the production of new hair and regulates the scalp’s oil production. Improves Cell Regeneration with regular applications.
🌱Rosemary thickens hair significantly and slows down premature graying. It prevents hair follicles from being starved of blood supply, dying off and leading to hair loss.
🌱Recommended for all hair types, specially recommended for Alopecia and Psoriasis sufferers, or those who desire fuller, thicker and lustrous hair.
🌱Vital to use as a protection barrier on children’s tender hair to preserve its health and gloss.

Application methods:
Rub around 2 to 3 teaspoons on overall scalp and/or hair. Massage vigorously for 2 minutes to stimulate blood circulation.
If hair it brittle, damaged or dry use as a moisturizer on damp or dry hair.
Can be used as an overnight moisture treatment or Oil Treatment


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