Le Grand Rapid Fat Burn 100gram


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NEW Magic Fat Burn Powder Power
With Pure L- Carnitine

🍏Provides a modest reducing effect on your body weight, BMI and fat mass among adults with overweight and obesity issues.
🍏Decreases amount of fat that body stores, but also assists with visceral belly fat which surrounds vital organs which can lead to fatty liver disease and other serious health conditions.
🍏Rapidly speeds up the metabolism and increases the amount of calories you’re able to burn, even while resting.
🍏Plays a critical role in Energy production as it converts fat into energy.
🍏 Improves exercise recovery and directly enhance sports performance.
🍏 Aids the body’s immune system and functions as an effective antioxidant as well.
🍏 L – Carnitine plays a detoxifying role by ferrying these incompletely oxidized fatty acids and organic acids out of the mitochondria, where they can be excreted in the urine or stool.

Directions for use :

🥤 Add one teaspoon to water, milk, juice or electrolyte drinks in the morning after breakfast.
🥤Many add L-Carnitine to their pre- workout before training or to electrolytes during training.


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