Lunix Marine Brazilian Treatment step 1 and 2 1000ml


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Lunix Marine Brazilian Treatment

Lunix Marine was developed with nanotechnology, tailored to target the hair follicle and shaft. Compatible with all hair chemistry types, does not affect hair colour, very low in fumes with a pleasant smell.

Formulated with Amino Acids and Marine Bio Peptides, producing a naturally straighter effect, providing a brighter and softer end result.

Result duration of 60 days.

Marine Bio Peptides stimulate the growth of new hair follicles. Marine extracts can awaken dormant hair follicles, allowing healthy hair growth, as well as hydrate hair follicles, strengthen weak cuticles, manage and repair split ends, making hair look vibrant.


After washing and completely drying the hair, divide the hair into 4 parts and apply Lunix Marine Treatment (No.2) lock by lock, aligning and coating the stands without touching the root. Leave in for 20 minutes. Remove any excess product with an extra fine comb and dry hair 100% with warm dryer. No brushing needed. Flat iron thin locks 5-7 strokes or as many times as necessary.

Lunix Marine treatment could be left in the hair after flat iron process is completed, for better results on certain hair types or proceed with step 3 if desired.

STEP 3 (optional)

After flat iron process, let hair cool down for 5 minutes, rinse and apply Lunix homecare mask to nourish, moisturize and protect the hair.

This optimizes the uniformity of the surface of the hair and keeps hair looking healthy and glossy for longer.



Wet the hair, apply the Anti-residue shampoo (No.1) and gently massage the scalp, length and ends. Rinse the hair and repeat if necessary. Rinse thoroughly and thoroughly dry hair with hair dryer 100% dry.


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