Glowtox Elasti bounce 100ml


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Eliminates Frizz and Keeps the Volume !

– Organic Treatment
– Collagen Filler
– Preserves hair’s natural Volume
– Eliminates Frizz
– Reverses Damage
– Sustains the hair’s elasticity
– Safe to use on pregnant females and children of all ages

🌱The Glow-tox Elasti-Bounce Treatment is a reverse Smoothing system which Eliminates hair Frizz but Preserves it’s natural volume, wave and curl.
🌱This Organic Treatment is free of harsh chemicals and preservatives and specially formulated for fine, limp hair which needs extra care and attention.
🌱Pregnant & breasfeeding women including children with tender hair benefit the most from Elasti-Bounce with its organic formulation
🌱Offers natural hair movement, extreme shine and adds bounce and elasticity to neglected strands
🌱Versatile to use as a Damage repair Treatment where the hair is too weak for and extreme straightening application.
🌱Aids as a nourishing treatment for color- damaged, overprocessed hair
🌱Keeps knotty and tangled hair soft and aligned, depositing Collagen and Keratin into each strand

Application Method:

– Wash hair with Pre-treatment Shampoo
– Rinse and dry the hair 80- 100%
– Part the hair in 4 sections
– Wear gloves
– Start with the 1st section and apply the Elasti-Bounce Treatment around hair line (away from the scalp) and throughout the hair to ends
– Do the same with the other 3 sections.
– Massage hair with fingertips and comb through
– Leave it on for 15 – 20 minutes
– Blow dry the Treatment into the hair and/or flat iron in thin slivers
– Rinse off 50% of the Treatment, towel-dry, blow-dry and/or flat iron
Style as desired
– Finish off with a Le Grand Serum


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