Ampoule Fusion Fiber Regenerator Treatment


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Ampoule Fusion Fiber Regenerator Treatment 🇧🇷

The Amouple Fusion Fiber Regenerator is a Thermo-active compound rich in vitamins and proteins developed for instant reversal of damaged, brittle, unstructured hair caused by chemical processes bringing hair back to its natural and flexible form, maintaining the integrity of the hair fiber.

How to use:

Wash hair with shampoo. Rinse and dry 80%. Mix 30ml Fusion Fiber Regeneration Treatment with 5ml Ampoule Damage Reversal Elixir and apply to the hair.
Massage for 2 min and leave on the hair for about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the level of hydration you desire to achieve.
Gently rinse 50 % Treatment on cool running water.
Towel dry and blow dry the hair.
Split the hair in 4 parts and flat iron hair in thin strands.


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